Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Warmest November & 2nd Warmest Fall on Record Shatter Multiple Records in Winnipeg

With an average mean temperature of 3.1°C, November 2016 goes down as the warmest on record since 1872. This shattered the old record of 1.3°C in 1899 and 1923 by 1.8°C! The last time we broke a monthly record by this margin was in January 2006 when an average mean temperature of -7.4°C broke the old record of -10.6°C in 1944 (record margin of 3.2°C!).

Below is a full list of records broken during our warmest November on record this year in Winnipeg.

Warmest November on Record in Winnipeg, Manitoba (2016)

Average mean temperature 3.1°C (previous record: 1.3°C in 1899 and 1923) (breaks old record by 1.8°C!)

Average high temperature 7.2°C (previous record: 7.1°C in 2009)

Average low temperature -1.0°C (previous record: -3.2°C in 1923) (breaks old record by 2.2°C!)

2nd Warmest Fall on Record (2016)
Average mean temperature 8.0°C  (warmest was 1963 with average of 8.6°C and 2016 beats 7.9°C in 1931)
Average high temperature  12.8°C  (tied with 1931 and 2009 for 4th warmest)
Average low temperature  3.3°C   (warmest on record, beating 2.9°C in 1931)

Most ''Humid'' November and Fall on Record (2016)
November average dewpoint  0.3°C   (breaks old record by 3.2°C (-2.9°C in 2015))
Fall average dewpoint  4.4°C (breaks old record of 3.6°C in 2009)

Daily Temperature Records (6)

Nov 6:         16.7°C high max – Tied with 1975

Nov 6:          7.4°C high min –   Old 5.6°C in 1906 and 1922 – Also 4th highest on record in November

Nov 9:         18.8°C high max – Old 14.4°C in 1923 – Also latest date to reach 18°C on record

Nov 9:          4.8°C high min –   Old 2.8°C in 1969

Nov 12:       13.6°C high max – Old 13.2°C in 1981

Nov 24:        0.1°C high min –   Old 0.0°C in 1988

Daily Dewpoint Records (11)

Nov 4:          9.7°C high max –  Old 9.5°C in 1981

Nov 5:          2.2°C high min –   Old 1.7°C in 1956

Nov 6:         12.3°C high max – Old 9.4°C in 2000 – Also highest dewpoint on record in November

                                                                                   Old 11.1°C on Nov 5, 1956

Nov 6:         4.9°C high min –    Old 1.4°C in 1977 – Also 3rd highest on record in November

Nov 7:         10.8°C high max – Old 10.4°C in 1977 – Also 3rd highest on record in November

Nov 9:         7.7°C high max –   Old 6.1°C in 2010

Nov 23:      -0.4°C high min –   Old -1.5°C in 2001

Nov 24:      -0.2°C high min –   Old -0.7°C in 1988

Nov 28:      -1.0°C high min –   Old -1.1°C in 1998

Nov 29:       3.4°C high max –  Old 2.1°C in 1998

Nov 29:      -1.5°C high min –   Old -2.3°C in 1987

Other records

Nov 22:    Latest date to record first measurable snowfall of the season – Old Nov 21, 1963

Apr 11 to Nov 21 – 225-day period without measurable snowfall – 3rd longest snow-free period on record
10 days above 10°C - tied with 1981 and 2009 for 2nd most (most was 11 days in 1904)
Streak of 7 days above 10°C - tied with 2009 for 2nd longest (longest was 8 days from Nov 2 to 9, 1963)
  • Only 5 days dipped below -5°C, breaking the old record of 7 days in 1899.
  • Only one day dipped below -10°C, tied with 1912, 1923, 1981 and 2001 for the least on record.
  • Only 18 days dipped below freezing, breaking the old record of 20 days set in 2015. Normal is 28 days.
  • 28 days exceeded the freezing mark, tied with 2009 for 2nd most. Most was 29 days in 1899.
  • 4 days exceeded 15°C, tied with 1903 and 1981 for most on record.


  1. Hi. I'm not sure if you read this page anymore but I thought i would mention it. The weather records website has been down since sometime in mid March. Is it going to come back at some point? That was the only place where you could see a comprehensive book of records. Even the record on environment Canada are outdated and I don't know where else to find them

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I'm afraid the website is no longer available for the time being due to my dealings with Weatherlogics ( I apologize for the inconvenience. Perhaps the website, or a different version of it, will return in the future.